26 October 2012

10 Ways To Monetise Twitter

Twitter amazes me.  Right now it is my favourite means of generating traffic to my blog.  But I have yet to monetize the situation, so I wanted to research the options.

The first thing you need is at least several hundred followers on Twitter, several thousand followers would be best.  I made a lot of mistakes getting my early Twitter followers on board.  If I were to do it again I would following 30 people a day every day.  After the first week I would start unfollowing 10 a day who are not following you back.  This would mean growing your Twitter followers by approximately 600 a month.  Obviously the fuel to make this all happen is content which needs to be tweeted about 5 times a day for the first month.  Retweeting content is always greatly appreciated by others (even the gurus) and is vital to growing followers.  When you are seen to engage your followers other will join in also.  All these things I have learned from experience
So, what are the options to monetising Twitter.
  1. Send tweets promoting Clickbank.  This seems to be the most popular, become an affiliate and promote products online..  Most marketers make the mistake of sending you directly to an affiliate site.  They do this with capturing your email details and without offering any useful content that might be of interest to keep the prospect coming back for more.  This in my opinion is just too untrustworthy.  There's no relationship.
  2. Send tweets promoting Amazon products.  Your tweet can include an Amazon affiliate link. If the item is of interest to your followers you will be paid a commission on the sale.  You also get paid commission on items bought by that customer within a certain time frame.  We all know how good Amazon are at recommending additional items for purchase based on what you have purchased in the past. 
  3. Send tweets promoting eBay products.  Not dissimilar to promoting Amazon products.
  4. Send tweets promoting big events.  If there is a speaking event related to your niche, your followers would want to know about it.  All speaking events will have an affiliate link from the promoters.  These are always big tickets items and worth considering.
  5. Offer to tweet for others.  Many companies outsource their social media.  Ask your colleagues if you can help out or offer your services through www.fiverr.com
  6. Get paid to tweets promotional messages and links.  This can be done through sites like www.twittad.com www.twtmob.com and www.sponsoredtweets.com
  7. Retweet to your account for other.  Yes, this can be done through sites such as www.retweet.it www.retweets.com and many others.
  8. Promote webinars via tweets.  This is something I have to look at more closely. Webinars need a high levels of traffic.  They are also places where people are ready to spend money. 
  9. Tweet links to your blog.  Your blog can then be monetised with Adsense.  A word of warning you need very high levels of traffic to make money from Adsense. 
  10. Use Twitter Search to identify someone with a problem.  Naturally you would be in a position to sell them a solution to their problem.
Want to share your favourite way of making money with Twitter or want to know more, please leave a comment below.  Thanks, Chris.

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