25 January 2013

ReTweet Etiquette

We all know retweets (RTs) are vital for spreading your message on Twitter. But there are rules of engagement or etiquette which many are unaware of. Do bear in mind that retweeting has its own etiquette or way in which things should be handled.  Observe these rules and see if you get more of an audience.

Golden RT Etiquette

  • Always thank those who retweet you, give credit.
  • Be reciprocal.  Always retweet a tweet from the tweeb who retweeted you. 
  • Do not retweet your retweeted tweets.
  • Do not retweet someone who is complimenting you, if you can resist.

How To Get Retweeted In The First Place

  • Provide valuable content to your followers.
  • Dont make it about yourself.
  • Promote others and their conversations.
  • Ask for retweets.  "Please Retweet" not "Pls RT".
  • Add a link to your tweet.
  • Use hashtags, one is OK, two are better. 
  • The best day for getting retweets is Friday, this drops off sharply during the weekend and rises during the week days.
  • The ideal time for retweets is noon to two o'clock in whatever time zone the majority of your audience are found in.
The idea for this post as kindly suggested by Rebecca @scarberryfields.  If you have an idea for a post that you would like to see or if you have a query just write a comment below.
Regards, Chris


  1. I never really understood RT if someone says something nice about you. I guess it makes sense for celebrities so they can do shutouts but that is about it.

  2. Hi Julie,
    you dont have to be a celebrity to get a retweet. Just be aware of the above and notice the different. Think of it as people looking for a leader. When your core followers find you they will want to spread your message. Hope that helps. Chris