6 September 2012

How To Grow Your Followers On Twitter

If you are like me you can see the value of connecting on Twitter.  By now you know that following someone in the hope that they will follow you back doesnt work.  Also you'll be aware of automated connections and  conversations. And God knows we all need a little self promotion thrown in.
After tireless research I have concluded that the way to stand out on Twitter is to be real and human.  How hard can that be, I hear you say. So 
  1. Focus on others. Paying attention to other peoples content and acknowledging that through retweeting.  This will get you noticed.  There are some expert tweeps out there who retweet about 80% of the time.  Now this not a magic number but it is an indication. Now follow those who retweet your message, can you see a cycle forming.
  2. Connect with purpose.  Make sure you have something in common with your new connection.  Check their profile and past tweets.  Add them to your list, keep an eye on their conversations and find ways to interact.
  3. Ask genuine questions.  Asking a question is the ideal way to start a conversion and get to know your connection.  Learn something new and then share it by retweeting.  Base the conversation around "you" rather than "I".
  4. Use Twitter bait.  This literally is a hook with which to snag a conversation that creates interest.
    To do this create catchy punchlines such as "Twitter saves lives ...." to grab attention and interest. 
    Use metaphors to convey concepts with few words.   Metaphors are easy to relate to as we are familar with them and they often paint images in our minds.
    Use data to make a point.  Current data is always topical.
    Lists of related information keep the conversation going and creates a mental link.
  5. Add value with real content.  Do your best to avoid the temptation of a link as this takes from the conversation.   Instead turn your tweet into a killer punchline.
  6. Use hashtags.  This shows your focus and gets attention.  Tweets with hashtags are seen by tweebs other than just your followers.
  7. Use social sharing buttons.  Make sure your blog or site has social sharing buttons that allow bite size content of your to be tweeted with ease.  This reduces barriers for your tribe to spread your message
  8. Automation does help!
 Its no silver bullet but it helps grow your tribe.  Hope this helps.

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